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Pushing the Limits of Human Performance

A thought leader in military and performance psychology, 2013 Tillman Scholar Chris Diaz is working to understand and share the science of the mind. His company, Serve1, is a human performance think tank that merges a collective of diverse experts who work with clients to help them tap into their mental potential. Currently working toward a PhD in Clinical Psychology at Drexel University, Chris also serves as a performance coach for the Johnson and Johnson Human Performance Institute. Watch his Make Your Mark talk on “Pushing the Limits of Human Performance,” originally presented at the 2016 Pat Tillman Leadership Summit powered by the NFL.

Serve1 for CrossFit UC

We hosted a seminar called “Forging the Best U” at CrossFit University City on Saturday, July 9th. The seminar was 2 hours long. Both athletes and coaches attended and participated. The owner, Terrence, led everyone in a WOD mid-seminar (see below), which added to the interactive nature of the session.

Here’s what we covered at a glance:


  • Capitalizing on your mental game:
    • You are in control of your mind. Identifying self-talk statements that work for you, and preparing for situations that get in the way of effective self-talk.
    • What drives you? Discovering your purpose for putting your body and mind through the rewarding challenges of CrossFit.
  • Fueling the body and mind with proper nutrition:
    • Make healthy food choices. Understanding healthy options for meals and snacks to help you feel energized and prepared to work to your potential.
    • Live smoothie demonstrations. Showing great recipes for pre-workout and recovery smoothies – including delicious tastings at the end.
  • Put it into action:
    • Use your self-talk and motivational purpose to help propel you through a mid-seminar WOD. See what works for you and what doesn’t, and discover how well you can make your body and mind work together.


Here’s how it worked:

The seminar was very hands-on and interactive. Athletes and coaches engaged in discussion, the workout, and the smoothie tasting. This was the first of a series of seminars. The goal of the series is to continue introducing new mental skills training techniques and nutritional counseling education, while building on the strategies already established. We hope to be able to add personalized analytics to our repertoire, to offer clients a more individualized experience.

Further, we hope to expand the client base to have more athletes at each seminar, and enough interest to offer seminars with greater frequency and at various locations.

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